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0/1-10V LED Dimmer Switch

Product model: SD-01

General information:-
A security isolated 0/1-10V intelligent dimmer for LED lighting brightness adjusting, and with manually knob adjusting and IR wireless remote adjusting optional.
It suitable to control the LED dimming driver and electronic rectifier which based on 0/1-10V dimming signal, to adjust the brightness of the LED lamp or fluorescent lamp, etc.
It has grey scale level 256, with scheduled shut down (1-4 hours), brightness hot key and fixed gray output functions.

1) Supply voltage: AC90-240V 50/60Hz
2) Output: 1 channel
3) Circuit design with security isolated, for protect load be safety.
4) Max load power: 800W
5) Max current: 10A
6) Effective Dimming current: ≤200mA
7) Dimming range: 1-10V, There are relay function, can be shut off , no frequency glisten
8) Control mode: Manually and IR remote
9) Scheduled shut down: 1-4 hours
10) Remote distance: 10M(In case no dry scratching)
11) Compatible above 90% led driver which based on standard 0/1-10V dimming signal

0/1-10V LED Dimmer Switch.pdf

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