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Multi-purpose Wipes - Greenwipes

Greenwipes GW-1108 BOX Multi-Purpose Wipes

Greenwipes® BOX is made from materials which comprised of highly absorbent cellulose fibers and a special fabric. The result is an ultra-strong & high absorbing multi-purpose cloth that is ideal for cleaning, wiping products, machines and workplaces. It picks up dirts & absorbs all kinds of liquids and leave behind an exceptionally clean surface. The wipes can also be washed and re-use for several times before disposal.
Greenwipes® BOX make sure you save money because it is cheaper & lighter. We guarantee you cut your wiping & scheduled waste cost by up to 90% if you replace all cotton rags & towels today.


Greenwipes GW-1109 Pro Professional Wipes

Greenwipes® PRO are strong & highly absorbent all purpose wipes that are designed for sensitive surface and Cleanroom environment (for ISO Class 6 and above). It is independent lab tested silicon, heavy metal and bacteria free; making it ideal for use in food, pharmaceutical, electronic and semiconductor industry. The wipes can also be used together with various chemicals such as Isopropyl alcohol for better wiping performance.



Greenwipes GW-2100 Heavy Duty Cloth

Greenwipes® SuperRags™ is an ultra high absorbent cloth engineered for heavy duty tasks. It is designed to absorb all kinds of liquid and pick up tough dirt particles. It is the best choice for repetitive wiping tasks as the cloth does not tear and is washable up to 50 times. The cloth is also tested non-toxic and bacteria free by independent lab making it ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries.
Greenwipes® SuperRags™ saves you money as it costs lower than most wiping towels and clothes in the market by up to 50%.

GW-2100 SuperRag.pdf

Greenwipes GW-6000 Light Multi-Purpose Wipes

Greenwipes® Light is an economical multi purpose wipes that are ideal for light cleaning jobs. They work great in tight space and are ideal for removal of light dirts and liquids. It is the perfect replacement for paper based towel because it is strong and does not tear apart easily, yet cost nearly the same.
Greenwipes® Light is tested non-toxic and bacteria free by independent labs making it ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries.

GW-6000 Light Multi-Purpose Wipes.pdf

Greenwipes GW-8000 Coloured Cloth

Greenwipes® Coloured ClothTM is a high performance multipurpose cleaning cloth designed specifically for hotels, cafes, restaurants and food processing plants. It is made from the combination of paper pulp and a special fabric. The result is a super strong cloth that easily picks up dirts and absorb oil & liquids like a sponge. Moreover, the material is also washable for multiple times and dries quickly.
Greenwipes® Coloured ClothTM is tested by independent labs and proven non-toxic & bacteria free. It also saves you money as it costs lower than most wiping towels in the market by up to 50%.


Greenwipes GW-9000 Color Cloth Pro

Greenwipes® ColorCloth™ Pro is top of the line multi-purpose cleaning cloth that is super absorbent, super strong, ultra durable and machine washable up to 50 times.Our proprietary Web 2.0 texture allows the cloth to pick up dirts & debris and absorb liquid 3x times better than any traditional wiping towel and cloth. The cloth also dries quickly and thus it always remain clean and fresh with minimal odour.
Greenwipes® ColorCloth™ Pro helps support HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) as it is available in five colors. It is also tested by independent labs and proven non-toxic & bacteria free. Most importantly, Greenwipes® ColorCloth™ Pro cost up to 50% lesser than almost all traditional wiping towel and cloth available in the market.


Greenwipes SorbPad GP-7000, GP-8000, GP-9000

Greenwipes® SorbPad™ are oil and chemical absorbent pads that are specially designed for small spills. they are made from Melt Blown Fibre and can absorb up to 10 Times its weight. Sorbpad are perfect for cleaning up small spills, collecting leaks from machines and preventing spillage from barrel, All SorbPad are affered in pre-cut sized and in three different material.

SorbPad GP-7000, GP-8000, GP-9000.pdf

Gewwnwipes 5100 NoLint

Greenwipes 5100 NoLint is a lint free wipe specially designaed for cleanrooms and critical enviroments that demand highesr level of cleanliness. Made from 100% polyester with laser seal edges, it has excellent cleaning & absorbing capabilities with ultra particle generation. The wipes is vacuumpacked in double nag and can be used in cleanroom for ISO class 5 to 8. Greenwipes 5100 NoLint is also tested by third party laboratory and certified Silicone Free and Sulfur Free.
*Greenwipes 5100 NoLint can also be used with Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA) to enhance cleaning performance.


Greenwipes MD-6000 Carecloth - Multi-Purpose Medical Wipes

Greenwipes® Carecloth is a multi-purpose wipes specially made for healthcare professionals. These wipes are super strong like cloth and highly absorbent; suitable for wiping all kinds of liquid or contaminants. It is ideal for wiping medical equipments and disinfecting surfaces (if use with chemicals).
Greenwipes® Carecloth is tested non-toxic and bacteria free by independent labs. The wipes can also be autoclaved. With its ultra soft texture, it is the primary choice for patient’s skin wiping in healthcare industries. It is the best for patient's body sponging, bathing and drying.


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