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Pneumatic - FESTO

FESTO is “one-stop “ solution provider for industrial and process automations. FESTO automation solution covers a variety of industries from electronics, palm oil mills to water treatment plant, supported by over 20,000 components from pneumatics, sensors to electric technology including some of the latest award winning innovations.





Product Range

Round cylinders

DSNU – Self-adapting PPS cushioning round cylinder

Standards-based cylinders

DSBC – Standard cylinders to ISO 15552

ADN – Compact cylinders to ISO 21287

Short stroke cylinders
ADVC / AEVC – Short stroke cylinders

Drive with slides
DGSL – Mini sides


Drive with guide rods

DFM-GF/KF – Guide drives



Semi-rotary drives

DRRD – Semi-rotary drives with rotary vanes


DRVS – Swivel modules



SMT-8M – Proximity sensor for T-slot



SMT-10M – Proximity sensor for C-slot



SDE5 – Piezo-resistance pressure sensor



SIEN – Inductive sensors



VUVG – Directional control valves




VUVS – Solenoid valves


VSVA – Standard valve to ISO 15407-1 and

ISO 5599-1 with M8 or M12 central plug


GRLA – One-way flow control valves


HGL – Non-return valves

U/UB – Silencer


AMTE - Silencer


QS – Quick Star push-in fittings


PUN – Standard O.D Tubing, Plastic

Compressed Air Preparation

MS4 / MS6 – Compressed air preparation, MS series

Process Automation

VSNC – Standard NAMUR valve, IEC EX-certified

VZFB – Hygienic butterfly valves, 2-way

SRBC – Sensor box

CMSX – Positioner for linear and quarter turn actuators

VZBA – Ball valve actuator units 2/2 and 3/2-way

VZWD – Single solenoid valve, 2/2-way

VZWM – Air / Water valve, 2/2-way

VZWF – Single solenoid valve, 2/2-way

VZXF – Angle seat valve, 2/2-way

Electric Drive

ERMO – Electric semi-rotary drive

EPCO – Electeric cylinder

ESBF – Electric cylinder

EGC – Spindle / toothed belt axis

EMMS-ST – Stepper motor

CMMO-ST – Motor controller

EMME-AS – Servo motor

CMMP-AS – Motor controller

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