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LED Explosion Proof Linear Light

Product Model: KLE1011

Key Features:

  1. Low-profile, lightweight design, high quality aluminum housing
  2. Impact resistant clear lens with Bayer origional material
  3. Stainless steel bracket for ceiling mount
  4. Professional light distribution, uniform illumination through the entire space
  5. With single-ended feedthrough or double-ended feedthrough optional

Additional Features:

  • Standard 6-12KV surge protection
  • Feed-through capable
  • Enclosures attached to back brackets for pendant pole mount, pendant chain mount and 45 degree wall mount.
  • Clear lens option

Standard Materials:

  • Body:6063 aluminum less than 0.4% copper content with yellow-painted or grey-painted finish options.
  • Side cover:ADC12
  • Gaskets: one-piece neoprene
  • Brackets: stainless steel
  • Lens: polycarbonate

Features & Benefits:

  1. Environmentally Friendly 50,000 hrs lifetime
  2. Superior color rendering index compared to HPS, LPS or MV
  3. Low temperature applications to -40℃ and high temperature up to 55℃
  4. Best-in-class efficacy-Up to 110 lumens per watt
  5. Professional light distribution design, uniform and comfortable lighting
  6. Temperature compensation technology for longer life
  7. Low maintenance costs and power consumption reduced by over 50%

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