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LED Explosion Proof Flood Light

Product Model: KLE1029-50,100,150,200

Product Features:
1. High strength aluminum alloy housing & impact-resistant clear tempered glass cover,maximum
efficacy,minimum glare.
2. Excellent 3D heat dissipation structure design with robust structure.
3. Mean well famous brand driver, over-temperature protection,high reliability, efficiency > 95%.
4. Energy-efficient technology - up to 85% energy savings over HID fixtures.
5. Professional light distribution design, uniform and comfortable lighting.Various beam angles optional for
different places.
6. Modular design easily combined into different powers.

1. Applies to explosive gas and combustible dust areas in petroleum industry,chemical industry,military industry,
metallurgical industry,power generation industry etc.
2. Applies to hazardous locations of zone 1 and zone 2 with explosive gas.
3. Applies to hazardous locations of zone 21, zone 22 with combustible dust.

LED Explosion Proof Flood Light Specs KLE1029.pdf

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