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SMC specializes in pneumatic control engineering to support industrial automation. SMC develops a broad range of control systems and equipment, such as directional control valvesactuators, and air line equipment, to support diverse applications. 





Product Range

Product Range

Round cylinders

CM2/CDM2 – Air cylinders


Standards-based cylinders

CP96/CP96SD – ISO Standards 15552


C55/CD55 – ISO Standards 21287

Short stroke cylinders 
CQ2 – Compact cylinders          

Drive with slides
MXQ – Air slide table



Drive with guide rods 
MGP – Compact guide cylinders



Rotary actuators rack & pinion

MSQ – Rotary table      

CRB2/CDRB2 – Rotary actuator


PSE53 – Compact pneumatic pressure sensor


ZSE30/ISE30A – Digital pressure switch


D-A93 – Reed auto switch



SY3000/5000/7000 – 5 port solenoid valve


VF3000/5000/7000 – 5 port solenoid valve

VSR8 – Standard valve to ISO 15407-2 and
ISO 5599


AS – Speed controllers 

ASP-X369 – Pilot operated check valve

AN – Silencer resin type

AN – Silencer BC sintered body type

KQ2 – One-touch fittings

TU – Polyurethane tubing


Compressed Air Preparation

AC-A – Modular F.R.L units

Process Automation
VFN200N – NAMUR interface 3 port solenoid valve

VDW – Compact 2 port solenoid valve (2 way valve)

VX2 – Direct operated 2 port solenoid valve (2 way valve)


VXB – Angle seat valve (2 way valve)

Electric Drive

LER – Electric rotary table


LZB /LZC – Electric cylinder

LEFB – Electric slider, belt drive

EGC – Electric slider, motorless type


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